Pre Licensing Seminars

Currently the Pre Licensing Seminar is available in an online format. Upon registering for the course, you'll receive an email with a link to each of the  three webinars and the downloadable book. You can watch these on your own schedule (and stop/start the videos as you go).

Are you wondering if you should take WLTA's Pre-Licensing Course? This short video answers common questions about Licensing and the Course.
Attorney Cheri Hipenbecker

Full Pre-Licensing E-Course (Includes 3 webinars + downloadable book)
This course is $200 for members and $250 for nonmembers (Register Here.)

From the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance: Remotely Proctored Exams are available for Agent Candidates


Instructor: Pam Kahn-Stein 
Faculty Information (pdf)

Exam:  Note: Registration for seminar does not automatically register you for the exam. For more information about the exam process visit the following:

Exam Provider-PSI Exams  

Regulatory Agency-Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance 

800-236-8517 Ask for Agent Licensing Section